Etiqueta: Postwar period

  • When you see the sea (Až uvidíš moře)

  • The Palace of Lourizán (El Pazo de Lourizán)

    Fear, threat, silence, and secrets become a lifestyle.   This is the story of a family, divided into three parts and set in the same majestic … Read more

  • The Chauffeur’s Son (El hijo del chófer) (TV Series)

    Arrogant, aggressive, unscrupulous, resentful, manipulative, narcissistic and cynical…     Josep Quintà was able to stay afloat during the postwar period thanks to his car. He … Read more

  • The Last Gift of Paulina Hoffmann (El último regalo de Paulina Hoffmann)

    Exile after war, and a love that hurts to death.   After finding out in her grandmother’s will that she has just inherited an apartment in … Read more

  • The Hive

    The most ironical and faithful testimony of postwar Madrid.   In postwar Madrid, a bustling human hive struggles to eat warm food, avoid the cold, satisfy … Read more

  • Chon Recalde’s wedding (La boda de Chon Recalde)

    The Recalde’s sisters, daughters of a ship captain who was executed by firearm because of confronting General Franco, are back home in Villareal de la Mar. … Read more

  • 6th of August (6 de agosto) – Original Project

    The last human survivors in the world are a neurotic scientist; a philosopher/rhapsodist keen on absinthe; a military professional, barely intelligent enough to open a can … Read more

  • The Generals’ dinner (La cena de los generales)

    This play is set in 1939 and narrated in a comedic tone. The story begins in Madrid the same day the Spanish Civil War ended. A … Read more

  • The family album (El álbum familiar)

      THEMES: Post-War, Social Relation, Politics, Society, Family, 40s GENRE: Drama, Historical The play takes shape as a family album in which there are photos and past experiences. … Read more

  • Skylight (El tragaluz)

    In the future world, it is carried out an experiment to travel back in time. In the past to which the experiment is carried out, there … Read more

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