Etiqueta: Postwar period

  • The Palace of Lourizán (El Pazo de Lourizán)

    Fear, threat, silence, and secrets become a lifestyle.   This is the story of a family, divided into three parts and set in the same majestic … Read more

  • The Last Gift of Paulina Hoffmann (El último regalo de Paulina Hoffmann)

    Exile after war, and a love that hurts to death.   After finding out in her grandmother’s will that she has just inherited an apartment in … Read more

  • The Hive

    The most ironical and faithful testimony of postwar Madrid.   In postwar Madrid, a bustling human hive struggles to eat warm food, avoid the cold, satisfy … Read more

  • La maestra de títeres – The Master of Puppets

    If there has ever been a woman destined to shine, that is Beatriz Calanda. Everybody knows Beatriz Calanda. Her family, her marriages and her misfortunes have … Read more

  • Chon Recalde’s wedding

    The Recalde’s sisters, daughters of a ship captain who was executed by firearm because of confronting General Franco, are back home in Villareal de la Mar. … Read more

  • The family album

      THEMES: Post-War, Social Relation, Politics, Society, Family, 40s GENRE: Drama, Historical The play takes shape as a family album in which there are photos and past experiences. … Read more

  • Skylight

    In the future world, it is carried out an experiment to travel back in time. In the past to which the experiment is carried out, there … Read more

  • Judges in the night

    Juan Luis Palacios was a minister during the Franco Regime but has known how to adapt in the democratic era, turning into a respectable member of the … Read more

  • Benedicat

    Written by Josep Lluís and Rodolf Sirera, Benedicat is set in two historical moments and in two different places: Croatia’s Kingdom in the 40's (then a puppet regime … Read more

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