Etiqueta: Prostitution

  • Storms don’t come back (Las tormentas no vuelven)

    Gabriela is Juan’s secretary, a scatterbrained ethologist. She aspires, unsuccessfully, to repeat the long gone love story between the two of them. In a stormy night, the … Read more

  • Witches (Brujas) (Film)

    Old friendships, new betrayals.  Five old Friends from a boarding school reunite fifteen years after their graduation. Now, they are beautiful thirty-years-old women with good social … Read more

  • Junkies and Yankees (Yonquis y yanquis)

    Angel, a young ex-drug addict and ex-prisoner, comes back home after serving his time. The life in a poor neighborhood is not the most appropriate environment for … Read more

  • Vis a vis in Hawaii (Vis a vis en Hawái)

    One of the prisoners of a penitentiary, who was an important executive, waits for the woman with whom he will have sexual intercourse in the visiting room … Read more

  • The peace (Return to Athens) (La Paz (Retorno a Atenas))

    In the year 411 BC, the Peloponnese War, that confronts the cities of Sparta and Athens, reaches the lands in the north of Greece. Trigeu, vine … Read more

  • The entertained (Las entretenidas)

    A group of girls from a small town come to the city in order to work as prostitutes. At work, Fany meets Joseph and falls in love … Read more

  • Maribel and the strange family (Maribel y la extraña familia)

    Maribel is a prostitute who meets Marcelino, a young naive man who is looking for a girl to marry so he can overcome a tragic event … Read more

  • That Saturday night (La noche del sábado)

    Imperia, a young woman, works as a dancer, but after losing her job she sees herself working as a prostitute, where she meets Prince Miguel, who … Read more

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