Etiqueta: Prostitution

  • Crossed lives (Vidas cruzadas)

  • The Anatomist (El anatomista) (Film/TV Series)

    Women carry between their legs the keys to heaven and hell.   “What every man once dreamed of: the magic key that opens women's hearts, the … Read more

  • Carmen of Mairena (Carmen de Mairena)

    An original 6-episode Podcast-Audioseries published by Storytel   The story of Spain’s most famous lips.   This is the story of a woman who wanted to be … Read more

  • The Hole. The Story of a Killer (El agujero. Historia de un asesino)

    Fake Shaolin monk by day, murderer by night.   He called himself Huan, but his real name was Juan Carlos Aguilar Gómez. He used martial arts … Read more

  • The Cases of Inspector Croce (Los casos del comisario Croce)

    A life to be told. Inspector Croce is a very special police officer, a crazy man guided by poetic intuition and mathematical precision. His best skill … Read more

  • Beats (An Original TV Series Project)

    Today, fame seems to be achieved only through one way: popularity in social media. In the Beats Academy of Performing Arts, the students know it. The … Read more

  • Dementia

      Murders, impossible love and a blurred reality are the essence of Demencia; a story about three friends who are involved in a rollercoaster of Surrealism. … Read more

  • The Alhambra (La Alhambra) (TV Series)

    A project by Margarita Melgar and Pere Roca During the War of Independence, the French expelled the inhabitants of the Alhambra, an independent city of Granada, with … Read more

  • Sequel (Secuela) – Original Project

    Sequel is a story of a group of prostitutes that, against their will, are trapped in a prostitution ring, in which a judge of the Supreme … Read more

  • Babylon’s Courtesan (La Ramera de Babilonia)

    Babylon’s Courtesan is a comedy that has the most important women in history as main characters. We assist to the encounter of Lilith, the first woman, … Read more

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