Etiqueta: Sexual Abuse

  • Willburn Curse (Maldición Willburn)

  • We (Nosotros)

  • Cinco espigas (TV Series)

    Nadie sospecha que las mejores panaderas del barrio son criminales.   La Tahona es la típica panadería hípster de moda. Se sitúa en una de las … Read more

  • The Hole. The Story of a Killer (El agujero. Historia de un asesino)

    Fake Shaolin monk by day, murderer by night.   He called himself Huan, but his real name was Juan Carlos Aguilar Gómez. He used martial arts … Read more

  • The Queen´s Flight (El vuelo de la reina)

      A romantic relationship that goes beyond obsession and dives into the depths of human morality.   A veteran journalist, Camargo, has an uncontrollable attraction towards … Read more

  • Saga Sin retorno

    Sin retorno | Deudas del frío | Te veré esta noche Un policía: el inspector David Vázquez. Una asesina: Irene Ochoa. Una carrera de fondo para … Read more

  • The Silent Network Saga (Saga Las redes del silencio)

    The Face in the Shadows | Steps of a Puppet | Ghosts of Paradise How far are we willing to go to become viral on the … Read more

  • From Cayetana to Cayetano

    The historical burden of a family dynasty. Being part of the House of Alba is a tremendous privilege, but it also entails a huge responsibility for … Read more

  • I Will Hunt The Monster For You (Cazaré al monstruo por ti)

    The Candy Operation: the biggest man hunt ever made in Madrid.   In 2014, the Judiciary Police Brigade of Madrid had to face an enormous case: … Read more

  • Beats (An Original TV Series Project)

    Today, fame seems to be achieved only through one way: popularity in social media. In the Beats Academy of Performing Arts, the students know it. The … Read more

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