Etiqueta: Supernatural

  • Saga Detective Malasuerte

      El detective que Tijuana necesita, pero que no quiere.  Tomás Peralta es un detective pelirrojo de voz aguardientosa. No es guapo como los personajes de … Read more

  • La visitante

      ¿Quién te mantiene despierto?     En el convulso México de 1972: Gabriela, estudiante de Contaduría en la UNAM, se ha mudado recientemente con su … Read more

  • The orchard (La huerta)

    True horror is not knowing who to trust.   The architect Roberto Benavídez and his family move to “the Orchad”, a house in the countryside, in … Read more

  • The Church (La iglesia)

    Is there an evil that is older and more powerful than God Himself?   Ernesto Larraz is a Spanish priest who has been teaching at a … Read more

  • A Saga of the Ancient Family (La saga de los Longevos)

    The immortal collection | The sons of Adam   When you live 10,000 years, the past always comes back.   THEMES: Search for the truth, Brothers, … Read more

  • Pérák

    Czech Republic’s first superheroe. Myth or truth?   Perak had springs on his legs with which he could even jump streets. With supernatural abilities he became … Read more

  • This Emptiness that Boils (Este vacío que hierve)

    Secrets are hidden underground.   The story takes place in 2030, Karina is a twenty-five-year-old physicist who is currently working on a new theory of universal … Read more

  • Saga Albert Zimmer

    Albert Zimmer I: The Witch of Berchtesgaden | Albert Zimmer II: The Murderer of the Senses A funny and sinister young man solving murder cases committed … Read more

  • Red and in a Bottle (Rojo y en botella)

    An unlikely tandem made up of a human cop and a vampire cop hunt down a dangerous killer.   Vampires and humans live in peaceful coexistence, … Read more

  • Apocalypse Z Saga (Saga Apocalípsis Z) (Film)

    The Beginning of the End | The Dark Days | The Wrath of the Righteous   The Beginning of the End   After a group of … Read more

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