Etiqueta: Vampires

  • Those who whisper under the ground (Los que susurran bajo la tierra)

    When darkness lives inside you, the only escape is to give in to it. Chile, summer of 1979. Raimundo de la Cruz Leyton is eight years … Read more

  • Red and in a Bottle (Rojo y en botella)

    An unlikely tandem made up of a human cop and a vampire cop hunt down a dangerous killer.   Vampires and humans live in peaceful coexistence, … Read more

  • Murder at a Chinese Laundromat (Asesinato en una lavandería china)

      Human vampires who do not fear daylight and can see their reflection in mirrors and die just like common humans, but live a little longer? … Read more

  • Daylight Sucks

    Katie Barberi and Craig Hurley Daylight Sucks is the story of the Alnwick, a loving and beautiful family which does not fit within the stereotype: they … Read more

  • About to escape (Punto de fuga)

    Paula is a young girl deemed to a grey life and with no expectation of fulfilling her dreams. She will gradually transform in the victim and … Read more

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