Pearson Avenue (Avenida Pearson)

Your mind will be your worst enemy

Cameron, a young American woman, arrives in Barcelona with a suitcase full of dreams: to write a novel and succeed as an influencer. She never imagined she would be accused of the disappearance of her neighbor’s daughter…

Upon arriving home, Cameron finds a young woman slaughtered on the floor, and next to her, there’s a photograph of her husband David kissing another woman. She faints and upon waking, the young woman and the photograph have disappeared. Cameron thinks it was a psychotic break and is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The medication leaves her infertile and alters her appearance. Furthermore, her relationship with David crumbles, driving him into the arms of his mysterious neighbor, Carmen, with whom he soon marries and starts a family.

Blinded by pain, Cameron becomes obsessed with spying on Carmen and her daughter María through her window, making her the prime suspect when the girl mysteriously disappears. Cameron’s innocence is at stake, and her own mind is against her. Can Cameron leave her nightmares behind, or will her worst fears become reality?


RELEVANT DATA: The disappearance of a girl from high Catalan society, a love triangle, and the world of social media are just some of the themes explored by Joaquín Camps in Avenida Pearson. With references such as “The Girl on the Train” or “The Woman in the Window”, the author builds an absorbing thriller that keeps deceiving the viewer. Just when you think you know the truth, all theories crumble, and the story takes a 180° turn that no one can foresee.

Joaquín Camps, winner of the Azorín Prize and professor at the University of Valencia, is a renowned Spanish author. His previous novels, major sales successes, are already being adapted for audiovisuals.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.



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