Killing Socrates (El asesinato de Sócrates)

He was the wisest man on Earth, but his death would be violent and carried out by the man with the blue gaze.

Perseus, a baby with the brightest blue eyes, is born in Sparta and his own father condemns him to death. His mother Deianira tries to end with her abusive husband, but Perseus is finally abandoned.

An Athenian, friends with Socrates, finds him and takes him to the city, where the baby is raised as if he were his biological son. If it is discovered that Perseus was born in Sparta, constantly at war with Athens, his life would be in danger.

Perseus grows up without knowing his real origins, nor being aware of the oracle that points at him as the murderer of Socrates, the wise philosopher. The protagonist marries Cassandra, a woman that challenges tradition by renouncing her first marriage. Perseus becomes Socrates’ pupil and turns out the hero of the Hellenic capital in the Peloponnese wars. Lastly, he faces his biological father, the man that tried to kill him when he was just a baby.


RELEVANT DATA: El asesinato de Sócrates is the first part of a trilogy still in process of creation. The novel achieved the top sales lists, having sold over 150.000 copies within its first year of publication. Moreover, it was runner-up in the prestigious Planeta Awards and was successfully released internationally in countries like Argentina, Mexico, France and Italy. Additionally, this novel was translated into several languages like Italian, French, Portuguese and Greek.

El asesinato de Sócrates, furthermore, has potential for being developed into a saga along with Killing Pythagoras and La hermandad (The Brotherhood).


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, French.

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