The return of God (La tournée de Dios)

This book tells the story of God’s visit to the Earth, and how two easily distinguishable zones appear: the divine and the human. This contrast generates comic situations, such as the violent confrontation between God and men, or the situation of this Supreme Being having to face everyday life.


RELEVANT FACTS: In this great novel, his fourth and last, Jardiel Poncela recreated God in the image and likeness of man, although one would say that the whole humanity likes him and, instead, the Almighty falls sympathetic. It was censored by both the Spanish Republic and the Franco regime.

Jardiel dedicates the book to God and defends that his novel is not anti-religious, in any case, it goes against Humanity (which is completely mad), a work plagued with humor and acuity of which Jardiel felt really proud. His keen sense of humor, his inventive ability, his wit, all with a powerful prose, whose reading leaves you breathless. The Return of God is a divine novel, in every way.

Jardiel Poncela is one of the most important authors of the twentieth century despite his short life, winner of the most prestigious decorations for dramaturgy and literature written in Spanish. His works continue today on the most important theaters in Europe and Latin America, his novels continue to be reprinted in many countries and have been taken to cinema with great success.




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