Etiqueta: 70s

  • Los silenciados

  • A Tomb in the Air ( Una tumba en el aire)

  • Memorias pixeladas

  • Cuéntame: conciertos y videojuegos

  • The persecuted (Los perseguidos)

    The dark side of Spain. Daniela Lozano, a young journalist, has just lost her partner to a car accident. However, she is convinced that his death … Read more

  • La visitante

      ¿Quién te mantiene despierto?     En el convulso México de 1972: Gabriela, estudiante de Contaduría en la UNAM, se ha mudado recientemente con su … Read more

  • Janis Joplin’s lover (El amante de Janis Joplin)

    The Mexican Forrest Gump. David Valenzuela is known as the “town idiot”, and at 20 years old he has missed out on the normal experiences for … Read more

  • Sobre la marcha

    The rules are there to be broken. And he broke them all.   Javier is one of the members of the García-Pelayo clan, a family saga … Read more

  • Saga Kraken

    The black book of the hours | The city’s angel Family comes first… even when you think they’re dead. A homicide in bookshop in Madrid. Another … Read more

  • Holly Hernandez and the Death of Disco

    Two teenage investigators willing to do anything to find the culprit.   Holly Hernandez can't wait to start classes at her new elite high school in … Read more

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