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  • Punky (Punki)

    A love that removes everything, but can't do everything   Álex and Paula —who goes by Polly, like the Nirvana song— are best friends since childhood, … Read more

  • Oldladyvoice (Vozdevieja)

    A know-it-all girl with a whole world yet to discover.     Marina is a nine-year-old girl from Seville who faces an excruciatingly warm Andalusian summer … Read more

  • Prisons, Whores and Guns (De prisiones, putas y pistolas)

    Divide and conquer: The great strategy to put an end to ETA.   In the early morning of December 2nd, 1991, Cadena SER broadcasted an exclusive: … Read more

  • A Good Guy (Un buen chico)

    Stop lying to yourself. Polo (Rubén Polo) is a ¨good¨ guy: he comes from a ¨good¨ family, he is attractive and charming. His life is seemingly … Read more

  • The Fourth Sword (La cuarta espada) (TV Series)

    An immersion within the mind of the murderer that became a god. Abimael Guzmán was the most dangerous man in Peru, and the most lethal terrorist … Read more

  • Shooting Up The Sky (El cielo a tiros) (Film)

    The children of drug cartels were the real victims. After twelve years without setting foot on his country, Larry goes back to Colombia, for they have … Read more

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