Etiqueta: Catastrophe

  • The Delegation (La delegación) – Original Project for TV Series

    The #Eurodrama made into a series.       After years of constant dramas at the ever so popular competition show Eurovision, Lourdes García is elected … Read more

  • The Silence Has Arrived (Ahora llega el silencio)

    Two options left: to give up or to fight. Astrea never gives up. Overnight, people over 22 years old die for no apparent reason. This tragic … Read more

  • The Traveller’s Inn (La posada del viajero)

    The king is in danger, and a humble family is behind it.     During the late 19th century, the catastrophe of the Cabo Machichaco in … Read more

  • Winds from the south

      Victoria has just finished a troublesome relationship with a woman and she decides to leave Paris and return to her native Spain. She arrives in … Read more

  • 6th of August (6 de agosto) – Original Project

    The last human survivors in the world are a neurotic scientist; a philosopher/rhapsodist keen on absinthe; a military professional, barely intelligent enough to open a can … Read more

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