Etiqueta: Dictatorship

  • Bilogía Nos veíamos mejor en la oscuridad y La traductora de haikus

    Una madre y una hija separadas por el exilio. Cuatro décadas atrás, los padres de Milena decidieron abandonar su país natal, con sus dos hijos pequeños, … Read more

  • Those who whisper under the ground (Los que susurran bajo la tierra)

    When darkness lives inside you, the only escape is to give in to it. Chile, summer of 1979. Raimundo de la Cruz Leyton is eight years … Read more

  • Moss (Musgo) (Film)

    Man’s best friend will be the last to lose hope.   Moss is a dog who, not understanding why wars happen, has witnessed how his home … Read more

  • Roses from Stalin

    My name is Svetlana Alliluyeva. I was born on February 28, 1926. My father died in 1953. His name was Joseph Stalin.  Stalin’s favorite, his only … Read more

  • A Communist in Underwear (Un comunista en calzoncillos)

    For the first time ever, he had to be careful about what he could and couldn't say   Summer of 1976, Argentina. In this year characterized … Read more

  • The Happiest Place on Earth – El lugar más feliz del mundo

    An extraordinary trip to the extremes of the human condition. Through the experience obtained for more than 15 years working as reporter in Asia, David Jiménez … Read more

  • Adiós muchachos

      Adiós muchachos are the memoirs of the author himself during the Sandinist Revolution: a social movement that in 1979 put an end to the Somoza … Read more

  • Saga of Sergeant Leo Martín You Are Guilty

    You are guilty is the third installment of the investigations of Leo Martin, Chief of the Police Sector in a marginal neighborhood of Santa Clara, Cuba, … Read more

  • Saga of Segeant Leo Martín: May You Find Glory Instead Of Hell

    Leo Martin had to be appointed Chief of the Police Sector of the same neighborhood where he was born thirty-five years ago, a peripheral and marginal … Read more

  • On the rock

    This story places us at the midpoint of the Spanish Civil War and narrates the lives of Guy Burguess and Kim Philby, two spies with a … Read more

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