Etiqueta: Impossible love

  • The Shiva´s Tears Saga I (Saga Las lágrimas de Shiva I)

    False accusations that must be sorted to end a seventy-year-old animosity.   Summer 1969. Javier is an intelligent 15-year-old who is passionate about science fiction. Unfortunately, … Read more

  • Every Wedding Needs a Plan B (Todas las bodas necesitan un plan B)

    Absolutely everything that CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong. Marco Bernal is the best wedding photographer in the country. Although, if you ask him, he would … Read more

  • Grapefruit and Lemon (Pomelo y limón)

    The love between two teenagers fires up all social media and gossip magazines. Through María’s messages and drawings on her social media, Grapefruit and Lemon tells the atypical … Read more

  • Those blue days

    In love, madness is the sane thing. The great love story of Antonio Machado. Nieves Herrero reveals for the first time the true story of the … Read more

  • Someone like you (Alguien como tú)

    An intense love story hidden for decades. Paulina Homs is in her twenties and has a quiet and accommodated life in Barcelona in the 80s, a … Read more

  • Under Rome’s Purple Sky Saga (TV Series)

    Passion | Treason | Colapse | Challenge | Mafia Killing or dying. There is no other option. Kathia Carusso, a young girl from one of the most … Read more

  • River of Angels

    A city divided by a river. The population separated by their ethnic origins. One bridge as the rallying point. The Rios are an established local family … Read more

  • The Tree of the Target (El árbol de la diana)

      Romantic passion, search for origins and suspense at a Mexican ranch. Elena Peralta is not tied to Spain anymore. She now wants to look for … Read more

  • The Isidoro Montemayor Saga I: Ladron de tinta (Thieves of Ink)

                A walk around the dark side of the Spanish Golden Age in Madrid. Madrid, 1614. Ten years have passed since the … Read more

  • Daylight sucks

    Katie Barberi and Craig Hurley  Daylight Sucks is the story of the Alnwick, a loving and beautiful family which does not fit within the stereotype: they … Read more

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