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  • Irresistible Mistake (Irresistible error)

      Del odio al amor solo hay un beso. El mundo de Leah McCartney es perfecto. Vive en una mansión, estudia comercio internacional y administración empresarial, … Read more

  • The unfaithful skin (La piel infiel)

    Madame Bovary 2.0    Emma is just like many other 35-year-old women; she has a job that she doesn't particularly enjoy, but it lets her lead … Read more

  • The winter of the goldfinches (El invierno de los jilgueros)

    Todo está permitido en el arte y en el amor. La vida del pequeño Brahim transcurre en las calles de Alhucemas, en Marruecos, donde vive con … Read more

  • CAR Saga (Saga CAR)

      I want to live out loud | And love you in stereo Sports, rivalry, love and lots of secrets.   Andrés and Arturo Claramunt are … Read more

  • Playing with Fire (Jugando con fuego)

    What happens when the love of your life is forbidden fruit?   Bella is a young eighteen-year-old girl who lives with her father in a small … Read more

  • I Stopped Uttering Your Name: The Forbidden Life of Carmen Díez de Rivera (Dejé de pronunciar tu nombre: La vida prohibida de Carmen Díez de Rivera)

    The muse of the Spanish transition to democracy.       The beautiful Carmen Díez de Rivera was a cultured and intelligent woman like few others. … Read more

  • Saga You (Saga Tú)

    Forever You | Just You | Just You Forever    Eternally You | Only you | Infinitely You    You never forget your first love.      The You saga introduces us to four intertwined love stories in which the protagonists are united by family ties or friendship. Each installment focuses on a couple.  Britt had to watch as the love of her teenage years, Dennis, married another woman. On top of that, it's impossible for her to let him out of her sight because he is a professional soccer player and appears in magazines and on tabloids. Ten years later, she has rebuilt her life, but meeting him again turns her world upside down and the feelings of the past reappear. Both will have to evolve to reconnect: Britt will have to believe in love again, while Dennis must overcome his fears.  Abigail is a young writer who has just gotten out of a toxic relationship. Now she has … Read more

  • Shiva’s Tears Saga (Saga Las lágrimas de Shiva)

    Shiva’s Tears | The Scarlet Circle Crossed revenge, forbidden love, mysterious presences, strange disappearances…   Summer 1969. Javier is an intelligent 15-year-old who is passionate about science fiction. Unfortunately, his father is … Read more

  • Teresa Lanza’s Mysterious Disappearance (El oscuro adiós de Teresa Lanza) (TV Series)

    They are all lying. Only one is the real culprit.   On a typical winter Friday in an idyllic upper-class residential neighborhood, Lourdes Ros, the editor … Read more

  • Don’t Invite Me to Your Wedding (No me invites a tu boda)

    Invited to the love of his life's wedding.       A young musician is on his way to a wedding… but it´s not just any wedding. He has … Read more

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