Etiqueta: Impossible love

  • Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos (Serie TV)

  • The Idhun Chronicles (TV Series)

    Available on Netflix  The Resistance | Triad | Pantheon  On the day that Ashran the Necromancer caused the conjunction of the three suns and the three … Read more

  • The unfaithful skin (La piel infiel)

    Madame Bovary 2.0    Emma is just like many other 35-year-old women; she has a job that she doesn't particularly enjoy, but it lets her lead … Read more

  • Seven Kisses (Siete besos)

    Are seven kisses enough to make someone fall in love with you?   At the age of 14, Paula meets Alex in Mallorca and instantly falls … Read more

  • Shiva´s Tears Saga (Saga Las lágrimas de Shiva)

    Shiva’s Tears | The Scarlet Circle Crossed revenge, forbidden love, mysterious presences, strange disappearances…   Summer 1969. Javier is an intelligent 15-year-old who is passionate about science fiction. Unfortunately, his father is … Read more

  • Don’t Invite Me to Your Wedding (No me invites a tu boda)

    Invited to the love of his life's wedding.       A young musician is on his way to a wedding… but it´s not just any wedding. He has … Read more

  • The Shiva´s Tears Saga I (Saga Las lágrimas de Shiva I)

    False accusations that must be sorted to end a seventy-year-old animosity.   Summer 1969. Javier is an intelligent 15-year-old who is passionate about science fiction. Unfortunately, … Read more

  • Someone like you

    An intense love story hidden for decades. Paulina Homs is in her twenties and has a quiet and accommodated life in Barcelona in the 80s, a … Read more

  • Under Rome’s Purple Sky Saga (TV Series)

    Passion | Treason | Colapse | Challenge | Mafia Killing or dying. There is no other option. Kathia Carusso, a young girl from one of the most … Read more

  • The Isidoro Montemayor Saga I: Ladron de tinta (Thieves of Ink)

                A walk around the dark side of the Spanish Golden Age in Madrid. Madrid, 1614. Ten years have passed since the … Read more

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