Etiqueta: Monarchy

  • Saga Isidoro Montemayor

  • The Cook of Castamar (La cocinera de Castamar) (TV Series)

    Available on Netflix  She forges her way to the heart of the duke himself.   Spain, 1720. Clara Belmonte is a young woman from a well-off … Read more

  • The Last Queen (La última reina)

    Is a queen born or made?     Sophia of Greece and Hanover is the last queen consort of royal blood in Europe. Great-granddaughter, granddaughter, daughter, … Read more

  • The Austrians Saga (Saga Los Austrias)

    The Eagle´s Flight | Time is in your hands Three possible successors to the crown… one single throne.   It is the year 1504. The throne … Read more

  • Spring for Madrid (Primavera para Madrid)

    A story of self-interests and corruption that proves that for every saint there is an infinite legion of demons.    The collapse of the oligarchic elite … Read more

  • From Cayetana to Cayetano

    The historical burden of a family dynasty. Being part of the House of Alba is a tremendous privilege, but it also entails a huge responsibility for … Read more

  • Black King (Rey Negro)

    The indigent king. Rey negro (Black King) is based on a true story that took place in 1995: the exile of King Kigali V of Rwanda … Read more

  • Bitch, cocky and naughty (Puta, pija y perversa) – Original Project

    This novel is an ingenious criticism of selfishness and self-deception that incapacitate us to love and to be happy. In it, two plots, in different planes … Read more

  • Queen Juana (Reina Juana)

    The plot starts with the confession of Juana I of Castilla with the father Francisco de Borja the night before she dies. From there, the monarch … Read more

  • My Cid (Mío Cid) – Original Project

    This Reconquista is laughable! Mío Cid tells the story of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, el Cid Campeador, one of the greatest heroes in history who, accustomed … Read more

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