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  • Las soldaderas

  • Bad decisions (Malas decisiones) (Podcast)

      Está en búsqueda y captura… ahora tiene que averiguar por qué. Miranda tiene 25 años y no tiene aspiraciones. Es amable, sociable y simpática, pero … Read more

  • The hidden life of Fidel Castro (La vida oculta de Fidel Castro)

    THE HIDDEN LIFE OF FIDEL CASTRO Juan Reinaldo Sánchez y Axel Gyldén   His bodyguard uncovers all the secrets of the Cuban leader   Fidel Castro … Read more

  • Official love story (Historia oficial del amor)

    Colombia, contada a través de una historia de amor familiar.   Con este best-seller, Ricardo Silva Romero nos cuenta su historia familiar. Su destino, su karma y su … Read more

  • The wars of General Omar Torrijos. (Las guerras del general Omar Torrijos) (Film)

    General Omar Torrijos' legacy.    General Omar Torrijos Herrera, a national-progressive dictator, "convicted, sworn and converted", as he defined himself, led the Panamanian nation for ten … Read more

  • Tequila effect (Efecto tequila)

    A former spy returns to save a country.   Elvis Alezcano, known among his colleagues as "Hendrix's Guitar," is a former agent of the Federal Security … Read more

  • Augustin Zimmermann

    Prague 1960s. Augustin Zimmermann, the main protagonist of this novel represents an almost archetypal model of an unhappy person. While the world around him is productive … Read more

  • The Intruder (La intrusa)

    An intimate portrait of Dalí’s muse.   Gala Dalí was a woman who wished to be secretive. Although the men with whom she shared her life … Read more

  • The Correspondant (El corresponsal)

    He will put his life at risk for the love of the truth.     Miguel Bravo is a young journalist who has always wanted to … Read more

  • Women with Big Eyes (Mujeres de ojos grandes)

    37 different women, all in search of one thing in common:  liberation.     37 rural women held back by dominant and sexist men, preventing them … Read more

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