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  • Otaberra

  • La reina de Nairobi

  • Cruel Sky (Cielo Cruel)

    Love is not the same as lust. Cruel Sky is a town in northern Mexico with a rich historical background. It served as a gateway to … Read more

  • El verano en que florecieron las fresas (L’estate in cui fiorirono le fragole)

    Aprendiendo a vivir la vida que nunca imaginaron.   Cuando Guim dejó a Clara, poco antes de que cumplieran los dieciocho años, lo hizo con la … Read more

  • The disgusting ones

    You, alone, against the world. Against the Disgusting Ones.   Manuel is an intelligent, restless, and independent young man. He wants to be a functioning member … Read more

  • Among the dead, Illumbe saga 3 (Entre los muertos) (TV Series)

    Is it possible to bury a secret forever?   Nerea Arruti, an agent of the Ertzaintza (the Basque Police), suffers a car accident with her lover, … Read more

  • Village Schoolteacher Saga (Saga Maestra de pueblo)

    L for Beginner | Civil Status: Opponent | Clean Slate   No matter how much experience you have, a teacher never stops learning.     In … Read more

  • Fleeing From Addiction (Huyendo del vicio)

    Fleeing the city to escape bad habits… to arrive in a village and find yourself in the greatest temptation.     Maria is a 23-year-old girl … Read more

  • Amelia and the Bees (Amelia y las abejas)

    Two love stories, the one that is and the one that was, intertwined in a charming fable.   Elena is a fifteen-year-old girl from the capital … Read more

  • The Tame Flies (Las moscas mansas)

    An original 8-episode Podcast-Audioseries published by Storytel   Intimacy and terror at its best.   In the late 1980s, a same-sex family, consisting of two women … Read more

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