Etiqueta: Animals

  • The Magpie In The Realm Of Entropy (Straka V Rísi Entropie)

    Science was never so exciting.   A funny book of fables explaining everyday laws of physics to children and their parents. In nine fables, diverse animals … Read more

  • Varvara

    A whale’s logbook. This adventure of a whale-lady on her long journey across the Pacific Ocean is inspired by a true story. In 2015 scientists measured … Read more

  • Love in Lower Case (Amor en minúscula)

    Love in capital letters, hidden in the smallest characters.     Samuel is a lonely university professor who is devoted body and soul to German linguistics. … Read more

  • The Return of the Hircocervo (El regreso del Hircocervo) (TV Series)

    No animal will survive the rush of terror at midnight.    The village of Reata, once thriving in agriculture, is now a ghost town. A decade … Read more

  • Neko café

    You don´t need 7 lives. You can find happiness in this one. Nagore is a woman about to turn forty whose life in London has been … Read more

  • Amalia Saga

    A delicious and intimist saga of unforgetable characters. ONE MOTHER Only a few hours left until midnight. Finally, after many attempts, Amalia has managed, at 65 … Read more

  • Tender Is the Flesh (Cadáver Exquisito) (TV Series)

    A solid and chilling future in which cannibalism is legal.   The sudden appearance of a lethal virus that affects animals ends up irrevocably modifying the … Read more

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