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  • Arruti’s gang (La banda de Arruti)

    La banda criminal más excéntrica de España. Arruti es un narcotraficante, Urrutxurt es un policía municipal con un largo historial de acosos y amenazas, Delgado es … Read more

  • Brown (Marrón) (TV Series)

     The search for identity when everything tells you you’re in the wrong place.   Rocío Quillahuaman was born in Lima, Peru, and at the age of … Read more

  • SAGA In the end, monsters always win (Al final siempre ganan los monstruos)

    The misfits, the weird ones, and the ones who went astray.      This is the story of Juanillo, “The Cockroach”, Lolo, Jony, Vanessa, and a … Read more

  • Tequila effect (Efecto tequila)

    A former spy returns to save a country.   Elvis Alezcano, known among his colleagues as "Hendrix's Guitar," is a former agent of the Federal Security … Read more

  • Saga Sunny Pascal

    Bitter Drink | The Tequila Case | A Handful of Bullets (Trago amargo | El caso tequila | Por un puñado de balas)   Movie Stars, … Read more

  • The Desert and it’s Seed (El desierto y su semilla) (TV Series)

    What does the skin hide?   A cab ride to the hospital: Eligia's face is disintegrating from the acid thrown at her by her ex-husband while … Read more

  • Brian the Brain

    A fish out of water.                                                 Brian is a gifted child with a hyper-developed brain that can be seen with the naked eye. This "malformation" … Read more

  • Sour Milk (La mala leche)

    Since when did being a mother and sexual desire not coincide?     Nani is a young woman who is going through motherhood for the first … Read more

  • Collateral Inheritance (Herencias colaterales)

    The past kills. Ernest Claramunt, a distinguished lawyer, makes an agreement with Mrs. Puigmajor, an old woman almost 80 years old. He will pay her a … Read more

  • My Downstairs Neighbor (El vecino de abajo)

          “I’ve done so many things for love, but I had the feeling that what I was able to do for hate had no … Read more

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