Etiqueta: Civil War

  • The Damna Way (La vía Damna)

    Everyone can get in, but no one gets out alive. Chile, 1852. The imminent arrival of a group of mutinous soldiers at BulnesFort has unleashed chaos. … Read more

  • The Damna Way (La Vía Damna)

  • The Palace of Lourizán (El Pazo de Lourizán)

    Fear, threat, silence, and secrets become a lifestyle.   This is the story of a family, divided into three parts and set in the same majestic … Read more

  • Times of ink and ashes (Tiempo de tinta y ceniza)

    The story of an impossible true love.   Madrid, 1925. One secret, two sisters. Since they were little, Helena and Carmen Galiana have been opposites. Helena … Read more

  • The Bakery of Wonders (El obrador de los prodigios)

    A love letter to the legendary bakery and its city, Barcelona.   Mateu Serra is a boy who decides to leave his hometown, Lérida, to go … Read more

  • Tinisima

    The great novel of Tina Modotti, the woman who broke all of the moulds of her time.   Tina Modotti is an icon of art and politics, … Read more

  • The Children of Morelia (Los niños de Morelia)(TV Series Original Project)

      During the Spanish Civil War, the government of the Republic accepted the offer of the Mexican authorities to take in a big number of children … Read more

  • Filomeno, despite myself (Filomeno, a mi pesar)

    Filomeno Freijomil or Ademar de Alemcastre, two names for a same character in search of his destiny, and that uses his names depending on the place … Read more

  • On the rock (En la roca)

    This story places us at the midpoint of the Spanish Civil War and narrates the lives of Guy Burguess and Kim Philby, two spies with a … Read more

  • The Blue Overall (El Mono Azul)

    During the Spanish Civil War, four militia women are isolated, all alone and lost when going behind the fascist lines. They know they are close so … Read more

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