Etiqueta: Deception

  • Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos (Serie TV)

  • Chanel Kisses (Besos de Chanel)

    ¿Does money bring happiness? Valeria Cifuentes has it all. Immense wealth, a stable marriage, and a wonderful child. But her life takes a turn when she's … Read more

  • The unfaithful skin (La piel infiel)

    Madame Bovary 2.0    Emma is just like many other 35-year-old women; she has a job that she doesn't particularly enjoy, but it lets her lead … Read more

  • A bunch of friends and a couple of cherries (Un puñado de amigos y dos cerezas)

    A weekend full of surprises which will change everyone’s life.   Cristina has two recurring nightmares: in one of them, the protagonist is her high school … Read more

  • Love Scams (Estafas amorosas)

    The womanizer seduces, convinces, and manipulates   "I'm running out of credit and won't be able to talk to my sweetheart tonight" may seem like a … Read more

  • CAR Saga (Saga CAR)

      I want to live out loud | And love you in stereo Sports, rivalry, love and lots of secrets.   Andrés and Arturo Claramunt are … Read more

  • I Spit on your Grave (Escupiré sobre vuestra tumba) (Serie TV)

    Some evils can only be corrected with revenge.   United States 1940s. Lee Anderson is a Black man who looks white; he has light eyes and … Read more

  • Hilda Krüger

    A complex investigative operation of a Nazi spy in México.   Hilda Krüger, an attractive and sophisticated German actress, starred in one of the most extravagant … Read more

  • Alone At The Top

    The further you go, the closer you’ll be to oblivion.   A man awakens from a restful sleep when, suddenly, he is assaulted by a disturbing … Read more

  • The fabulous story of the Pelayos (La fabulosa historia de los Pelayo)

    Only one family could mock the casinos all around the world and become millionaires.   Spain, 1990s. The Pelayos are about to make history by being … Read more

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