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  • The void in which you float (El vacío en el que flotas)

  • Saga Inspectora Luna

  • The Inspector Touré Saga (TV Series)

    19 Cameras | 612 Euros | The Shadows of Nowhere Sewer Games | Moleskin | Don’t Say Anything     Touré is an incredibly charismatic illegal … Read more

  • The Bridesman

    El pasado llama a tu puerta. Micha es un expatriado israelí residente en Los Ángeles, donde lleva una vida tranquila y trabaja como escritor fantasma. Un … Read more

  • Five wheat spikes (Cinco espigas)

    Nadie sospecha que las mejores panaderas del barrio son criminales.   La Tahona es la típica panadería hípster de moda. Se sitúa en una de las … Read more

  • Brown (Marrón) (TV Series)

     The search for identity when everything tells you you’re in the wrong place.   Rocío Quillahuaman was born in Lima, Peru, and at the age of … Read more

  • I Spit on your Grave (Escupiré sobre vuestra tumba) (Serie TV)

    Some evils can only be corrected with revenge.   United States 1940s. Lee Anderson is a Black man who looks white; he has light eyes and … Read more

  • Im working on it saga (Saga Estoy en ello)

    I’m working on it | I’m still working on it | Players come and go, but sisters stay | I saw it first | Too handsome … Read more

  • Blessed Art Thou (Bendita tú eres)

    A nun expelled from the convent for being transgender.     Angela is a nun who has spent more than thirty years cloistered in a convent. … Read more

  • Cherubs in Hell (Querubines en el infierno)

    The harrowing story of Mexicans who fought for the U.S. in World War II.     Cannon fodder: that is what the Mexican migrants who enlisted … Read more

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