Etiqueta: Ecology

  • Europa

     A meticulous project that threatens to destroy Europe. A super-contaminated Madrid in which society is divided between the rich who live above the toxic clouds and … Read more

  • The Reef (Arrecife) (Serie TV)

    Danger is the best aphrodisiac.  Climate change empties hotels and money laundering regenerates them as phantom emporiums. At the time of extreme tourism, travelers need other … Read more

  • Oedipus the Bullfighter (Edipo Torero)

    In 2030, Spain is in a political atmosphere in which the animal rights activism has been incorporated into the penal code. As a consequence, Jacinto, also … Read more

  • Save the dolphins (Salvad a los delfines)

    A divorced couple meets after seven years split at their daughter’s wedding. She has built a new life with another man. The play develops the misunderstandings … Read more

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