Etiqueta: Hate

  • El puñal de los celos

  • La última muerte en Goodrow Hill

  • Melodrama

      En el amor y la pobreza, todo se vale. Vidal, un apuesto joven, se traslada de su Colombia natal a París con un maquiavélico plan: … Read more

  • A bunch of friends and a couple of cherries (Un puñado de amigos y dos cerezas)

    A weekend full of surprises which will change everyone’s life.   Cristina has two recurring nightmares: in one of them, the protagonist is her high school … Read more

  • The Tame Flies (Las moscas mansas)

    An original 8-episode Podcast-Audioseries published by Storytel   Intimacy and terror at its best.   In the late 1980s, a same-sex family, consisting of two women … Read more

  • Mandíbula (Serie TV)

    La perversión adolescente.     Esta historia gira alrededor de un brutal secreto: por qué la profesora de lengua y literatura ha secuestrado a una de … Read more

  • The House of Bernarda Alba (Film)

    8 years of mourning that explodes with the passion of two lovers.   After her second husband’s death, matriarch Bernarda Alba imposes an eight-year rigorous and … Read more

  • Pepita

    A surrealist comedy about dignity. In a bucolic and parched town called Riocochino, devastated by the closure of the mine, a handful of souls survive under … Read more

  • The Reunion (El reencuentro)

    Is it easier to love or to kill each other?   There is a basic complication in human relationships: communication. Among sisters, or in the family … Read more

  • Just (Justo)

    True justice must be cold, implacable, dispassionate. Until now.   True justice must be cold, implacable, dispassionate. Each generation must have thirty six Justs. The Tzadik … Read more

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