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  • Saga Isidoro Montemayor

  • Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos (Serie TV)

  • The Last Wagon (El último vagón) (Film)

    Available on Netflix  An ode to teachers who, totally committed to their jobs, are capable of doing whatever necessary for the sake of education and their … Read more

  • Secrets and papers trilogy (Trilogía Secretos y papeles)

    Carolina entre líneas / Vanesa entre líos / Armando entre faldas El amor se esconde donde menos te lo esperas. Carolina, una joven amante de la … Read more

  • Nanny Petrov – Original Project

    If you want a good nanny, call the CIA.   Lola García, a Spanish spy as beautiful as she is lethal, is sent to Mexico to … Read more

  • License to spy (Licencia para espiar)

    Women who dedicated their life to the dangerous art of espionage.   When we think about female spies, Mata Hari and World War I usually come … Read more

  • The disgusting ones (Los asquerosos)

    You, alone, against the world. Against the Disgusting Ones.   Manuel is an intelligent, restless, and independent young man. He wants to be a functioning member … Read more

  • Operation protector (Operación protector) (TV Series)

    Invisible heroes protecting us from things we don’t know are there.   A Belgian inspector commits suicide in the autumn of 2015 after discovering that he … Read more

  • Between Dreams (Entre los sueños)

    A marriage, a desolate place, and a scientific discovery interrupted by an unknown threat.         Sonia and Juan are two recently married physicists who … Read more

  • I Am Your Gaze (Soy tu mirada)

    Getting revenge for the past during the era of Tinder.       Nora Salinas is a firm and rigorous 45-year-old examining judge whose pulse does not … Read more

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