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  • Las indignas

  • The Cook of Castamar (TV Series)

    Available on Netflix  She forges her way to the heart of the duke himself.   Spain, 1720. Clara Belmonte is a young woman from a well-off … Read more

  • Human Sacrifices (Sacrificios humanos) (Film/TV series)

    True horror in real life.   Twelve stories make up María Fernanda Ampuero's masterful work: Human Sacrifices, where terror takes many forms and violence defines the … Read more

  • Cockfight (Pelea de gallos) (TV series)

    Life in its rawest form.   The stories that make up the book Cockfight are narrated by different voices within “the home”, the space that builds … Read more

  • Banana Street

    Heroine or assassin?   Isabel Tierra Frias is a twenty-five-year-old Mexican woman who learned to survive with her family in the slums and to deal with … Read more

  • The Night Shall Be Long – Será larga la noche

    The country is being ravaged with violence. A child witnesses a murder that occurred on an abandoned highway in Cauca, Colombia. That same day, every bit … Read more

  • Ghetto Brother

    GANGS OF NEW YORK meets WARRIOR. Ghetto Brother tells the true story of Benjy Melendez, a Bronx legend, son of Puerto-Rican immigrants, who founded the notorious, multiracial gang, the Ghetto … Read more

  • The Tibidabo Harem Saga (Saga de El Harén del Tibidabo)

    Tibidabo's Harem (El Harén del Tibidabo) | The Favorite of the Harem (La favorita del Harén)  The most luxurious brothel raises passions in Barcelona. But it … Read more

  • Verdict in the desert

    A legal trip to the deepest Arizona in the 1950s.   In the summer of 1959 in Arizona, Michael Shaw, an alcoholic lawyer struggling with his … Read more

  • A Fighting Chance

    A true to life story of the hardships faced by young people from poverty-stricken neighborhoods. 17-year-old Mexican-American Miguel Angel trains every day after school at the … Read more

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