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  • Death will have your eyes (La muerte tendrá tus ojos)

    An innocent job assignment that will put her life at risk.     Lía Llamas is a forty-year-old lawyer who works as a legal advisor for … Read more

  • The fabulous story of the Pelayos (La fabulosa historia de los Pelayo)

    Only one family could mock the casinos all around the world and become millionaires.   Spain, 1990s. The Pelayos are about to make history by being … Read more

  • The Elites’ Game Saga (Saga El juego de las élites)

    The Elites’ Game | The Elites’ Sentence | The Elites’ Birth What’s the price you’re willing to pay  to be part of the elite?   Bernardo … Read more

  • I Am Your Gaze (Soy tu mirada)

    Getting revenge for the past during the era of Tinder.       Nora Salinas is a firm and rigorous 45-year-old examining judge whose pulse does not … Read more

  • Aurelia Villaba: Family Attorney (Aurelia Villalba: Abogada de familia)

     Not everything she says is true,   but she is NEVER wrong…       Aurelia Villalba always thought she would be a professional athlete, but ended up … Read more

  • Disconnected (Desconectados) – Original Project

    A Science Fiction romance. Paula and Gaston are a couple on “Online”, the leading virtual reality platform, that uses the data of all users to create … Read more

  • Monsters (Monstruos)

    They were tortured before they were even born. This is the story of the Thalidomide scandal, a drug consumed by dozens of pregnant women to alleviate … Read more

  • Verdict in the desert

    A legal trip to the deepest Arizona in the 1950s.   In the summer of 1959 in Arizona, Michael Shaw, an alcoholic lawyer struggling with his … Read more

  • The Dogs (Los perros)

    Almost a century after the events, detective Maribel Álvarez reopens the case of the serial killer who murdered five students of the Residencia de Estudiantes (Student … Read more

  • The Mariana of Marco Saga (Saga Mariana de Marco)

    We know who the killer is, but everything is yet to be discovered. In an elegant summer vacation spot close to Santander, Carlos Sastre quietly enters … Read more

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