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  • Avenida Pearson

  • The Damna Way (La vía Damna)

    Everyone can get in, but no one gets out alive. Chile, 1852. The imminent arrival of a group of mutinous soldiers at BulnesFort has unleashed chaos. … Read more

  • La visitante

      ¿Quién te mantiene despierto?     En el convulso México de 1972: Gabriela, estudiante de Contaduría en la UNAM, se ha mudado recientemente con su … Read more

  • Don’t think about the pink elephant (No pienses en un elefante rosa)

      When planning leads to the unexpected.   Aurora is a woman in her early thirties, a civil servant at the city council, who has just … Read more

  • Augustin Zimmermann

    Prague 1960s. Augustin Zimmermann, the main protagonist of this novel represents an almost archetypal model of an unhappy person. While the world around him is productive … Read more

  • Smarties for Grandad Ed (Lentilka Pro Dedu Edu)

    Love and understanding can beat it all.    A story of a 5-year-old boy and his grandpa suffering from Alzheimer disease. The beloved great-grandfather has started … Read more

  • The Brotherhood of Evil (La hermandad del mal)

    The Dismemberer of Majadahonda.     Two women disappeared five years apart. They do not know each other and have never seen each other; Liria was … Read more

  • The defenses (Las defensas)

    One case in three billion.   One case in three billion. A novel based in the incredible true story of a doctor who suffered from the … Read more

  • The Hungry Night

    Julián Beltrán has just confessed to the murder of his wife to the police, but his story is so improbable and his behavior so strange that … Read more

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