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  • Elena Knows (Film)

      Elena knows her daughter didn´t commit suicide… Elena knows she was murdered.   Elena knows her daughter Rita did not commit suicide… she knows that she … Read more

  • The weed grannies (Las abuelas del canuto)

    You can call them "Narco-Grandmas”. At a certain age, one thinks the rest of their life will be a peaceful stroll. But that's not the case … Read more

  • Bilogía Nos veíamos mejor en la oscuridad y La traductora de haikus

    Una madre y una hija separadas por el exilio. Cuatro décadas atrás, los padres de Milena decidieron abandonar su país natal, con sus dos hijos pequeños, … Read more

  • Smarties for Grandad Ed (Lentilka Pro Dedu Edu)

    Love and understanding can beat it all.    A story of a 5-year-old boy and his grandpa suffering from Alzheimer disease. The beloved great-grandfather has started … Read more

  • For as Long as We Could (Film)

    An unconventional love story.   Eve Friedman is an eighty-three-year-old playwright living alone in a chaotic apartment in the heart of Manhattan. The chicken tenders, the … Read more

  • The Grandmother Who Crossed the World in a Bicycle (La abuela que cruzó el mundo en una bicicleta)

    An inspiring story about the magic of little things.     With her indomitable personality, Doña Maru, a 90-year-old woman, lives a peaceful life in Oaxaca, … Read more

  • Swift as Desire (TV Series)

    A peculiar man who, when he was born, laughed instead of crying. And left this world in the same way.   Through Lluvia’s perspective, we get … Read more

  • I will love you madly

    A recently divorced lady thinks she has found the man of her life, but a few months later, she finds herself in a prison of emotions: … Read more

  • There are no reasons to love

    Serafín is a very pretentious young man, proud of his success with women. He meets Jesusa, who falls in love with him. However, the reputation he … Read more

  • A leopard cannot change its spots

    The main character in this comedy is Pepito Bedoya, an outmoded seducer. Despite his age, he continues conquering women with his friend Carratalá, until he finds … Read more

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