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  • Elena Knows (Elena sabe) (Film)

      Elena knows her daughter didn´t commit suicide… Elena knows she was murdered.   Elena knows her daughter Rita did not commit suicide… she knows that she … Read more

  • The weed grannies (Las abuelas del canuto)

    You can call them "Narco-Grandmas”. At a certain age, one thinks the rest of their life will be a peaceful stroll. But that's not the case … Read more

  • Bilogía: Nos veíamos mejor en la oscuridad y La traductora de haikus

    Una madre y una hija separadas por el exilio. Cuatro décadas atrás, los padres de Milena decidieron abandonar su país natal, con sus dos hijos pequeños, … Read more

  • Smarties for Grandad Ed (Lentilka Pro Dedu Edu)

    Love and understanding can beat it all.    A story of a 5-year-old boy and his grandpa suffering from Alzheimer disease. The beloved great-grandfather has started … Read more

  • For as Long as We Could (Film)

    An unconventional love story.   Eve Friedman is an eighty-three-year-old playwright living alone in a chaotic apartment in the heart of Manhattan. The chicken tenders, the … Read more

  • The Miracle (El milagro)

    It is never too late to fulfill your dreams.   Juana, Dominga, Lucia and Soledad are a group of tender, very Christian grandmothers who live in … Read more

  • Stories at Forty (Cuentos a los cuarenta)

    The age of 40: when paths alternate between reality and dreams.  Forty years old, the age in which one cannot keep promising oneself that when they’re older they’ll … Read more

  • Middle-aged Quinceañera (Film)

    It’s never too late to make your dreams come true. Cecilia Ortega is 40 years old and has one dream: her daughter Cece must have the … Read more

  • Happy to help (Ellos encantados)(Film)

    What would your children do without your parents? Madrid, 21st Century. Lourdes and Carlos are a young couple who have everything they need: adorable kids, a … Read more

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