Etiqueta: Poverty

  • A Fighting Chance

    A true to life story of the hardships faced by young people from poverty-stricken neighborhoods. 17-year-old Mexican-American Miguel Angel trains every day after school at the … Read more

  • Matryoshka Dolls at Puerto Banús (Las Matrioskas de Puerto Banús)

    The story of five actresses that got kidnapped by a Slav mafia in a mansion in Marbella, on the Andalusian coast. The protagonists are in a … Read more

  • Mom (Mamá)

    A woman from the poor Spanish countryside sends her 15-year-old daughter to Argentina during the Peronist years. She wants to save her from her misery and promises … Read more

  • He’s my man (Es mi hombre)

    Don Antonio is a man in debt, living in misery. He has no other choice but to do any kind of job just to survive along … Read more

  • The prize of Nicanor (El premio de Nicanor)

    A few days before Christmas holidays, in a humble home, the day of the Christmas lottery, Isidoro and his wife get into a serious conflict with … Read more

  • Better times (Tiempos mejores)

    Pedro lives in an old house, about to demolish, with his mother (who, for her age, is called grandma), his sister, Lili, just back from America, … Read more

  • Junkies and Yankees (Yonquis y yanquis)

    Angel, a young ex-drug addict and ex-prisoner, comes back home after serving his time. The life in a poor neighborhood is not the most appropriate environment for … Read more

  • High Fidelity (Alta fidelidad)

    The play tells the story of the change in fortune suffered by Fernando, who was master and lord; due to fiscal debts, he turns into servant. … Read more

  • Hostales in the Barrio (La estanquera de Vallecas)

    Two petty robbers plan to rob a small tobacco shop in a poor neighborhood of a big city. The shop owner reacts defiantly, leading to the … Read more

  • Children of the night (Los hijos de la noche)

    The story revolves around three thieves, poor of solemnity, facing the imminent Christmas with hunger and cold in their positions. In a bar, they discover a … Read more

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