Etiqueta: Power fight

  • The wars of General Omar Torrijos. (Las guerras del general Omar Torrijos) (Film)

    General Omar Torrijos' legacy.    General Omar Torrijos Herrera, a national-progressive dictator, "convicted, sworn and converted", as he defined himself, led the Panamanian nation for ten … Read more

  • The father’s law (La ley del padre)

    Even if they willing to kill, they will always be proper people. The Gómez-Arjona’s are the owners of Grupo9, one of the most important media conglomerates … Read more

  • Tequila effect (Efecto tequila)

    A former spy returns to save a country.   Elvis Alezcano, known among his colleagues as "Hendrix's Guitar," is a former agent of the Federal Security … Read more

  • Saga Everything Burns (Todo arde)

    Three women. They took everything they had from them. Now, they have nothing to lose.    The three protagonists of this story have lost everything, that’s … Read more

  • The Elites’ Game Saga (Saga El juego de las élites)

    The Elites’ Game | The Elites’ Sentence | The Elites’ Birth What’s the price you’re willing to pay  to be part of the elite?   Bernardo … Read more

  • Saga Olympus

    The Flower and the Death | The Sun and the Lie | The Fury and the Labyrinth Are you willing to do ANYTHING for Olympus?   … Read more

  • My Obsession Saga (Saga Mi obsesión) (TV Series)

    My Obsession | My Perversion | My Temptation She has the power to either destroy him or save him.   Edgar Warren. His name inspires seriousness, … Read more

  • The Baroness of Wilson (La Baronesa de Wilson) – Original project for TV Series

    The story of a brilliant imposter.   Emilia Serrano, a fake "baroness" by marriage and ahead of her time, was a powerful publishing and fashion businesswoman, … Read more

  • Wonderland

    An Original 10-episode Podcast/Audioseries published by Storytel Murders in Madrid’s casinos.   Wonderland is a luxury complex located in Madrid. It is a place full of casinos … Read more

  • Accidental Spy (Espía accidental)

    “The truth has many faces.”       Asis, a young man of Spanish origin, is offered the chance to return to Damascus, his hometown, in … Read more

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