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  • Trilogy: The Map of Chaos (Trilogía El Mapa del Caos)

  • Those who whisper under the ground (Los que susurran bajo la tierra)

    When darkness lives inside you, the only escape is to give in to it. Chile, summer of 1979. Raimundo de la Cruz Leyton is eight years … Read more

  • Love Scams (Estafas amorosas)

    The womanizer seduces, convinces, and manipulates   "I'm running out of credit and won't be able to talk to my sweetheart tonight" may seem like a … Read more

  • Caught by Language (Atrapados por la lengua)

    Words that gave murderers away.   In just a paragraph or a five-minute talk we leave behind inevitable traces which are studied by forensic linguists, a … Read more

  • Estafas amorosas

      El donjuán seduce, convence y manipula. “Me estoy quedando sin saldo y no voy a poder hablar con mi amor esta noche” puede parecer una frase romántica … Read more

  • The last explorer (El último explorador)

    The adventures of a time travelling explorer and his first encounter with his daughter, Lluvia   The Last Explorer tells the tale of Horacio Kustos, an … Read more

  • A Saga of the Ancient Family (La saga de los Longevos)

    The immortal collection | The sons of Adam   When you live 10,000 years, the past always comes back.   THEMES: Search for the truth, Brothers, … Read more

  • The Magpie In The Realm Of Entropy (Straka V Rísi Entropie)

    Science was never so exciting.   A funny book of fables explaining everyday laws of physics to children and their parents. In nine fables, diverse animals … Read more

  • Between Dreams (Entre los sueños)

    A marriage, a desolate place, and a scientific discovery interrupted by an unknown threat.         Sonia and Juan are two recently married physicists who … Read more

  • The Anatomist (Film/TV Series)

    Women carry between their legs the keys to heaven and hell.   “What every man once dreamed of: the magic key that opens women's hearts, the … Read more

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