Etiqueta: Terrorism

  • Caught by Language (Atrapados por la lengua)

    Words that gave murderers away.   In just a paragraph or a five-minute talk we leave behind inevitable traces which are studied by forensic linguists, a … Read more

  • Operation protector (Operación protector) (TV Series)

    Invisible heroes protecting us from things we don’t know are there.   A Belgian inspector commits suicide in the autumn of 2015 after discovering that he … Read more

  • Prisons, Whores and Guns (De prisiones, putas y pistolas)

    Divide and conquer: The great strategy to put an end to ETA.   In the early morning of December 2nd, 1991, Cadena SER broadcasted an exclusive: … Read more

  • The Trafficker

    Weapons, spies and secret missions in luxurious Marbella. Monzer Al Kassar, known as “the Prince of Marbella”, is one of the biggest international arms dealers and … Read more

  • The Happiest Place on Earth – El lugar más feliz del mundo

    An extraordinary trip to the extremes of the human condition. Through the experience obtained for more than 15 years working as reporter in Asia, David Jiménez … Read more

  • You Know Nothing About Me (No sabes nada de mí)

    Who are the Spanish female spies?   Their identities were never revealed, but their work was key to solving some of the juiciest and darkest cases … Read more

  • The Fourth Sword (La cuarta espada) (TV Series)

    An immersion within the mind of the murderer that became a god. Abimael Guzmán was the most dangerous man in Peru, and the most lethal terrorist … Read more

  • The Tipping Point

    I am no terrorist, lunatic, or murderer. I am just a father… and this is my story.   Narrated by the main character from the death row. … Read more

  • The Patriot of God

    A series of strange deaths are happening on Capitol Hill. Agent Alexandra Kolbe, widow of one of the heroes of the US Capitol Police, has to … Read more

  • Elite Police Unit

    The G.E.O. is the Elite Unit of the Spanish police. A special group of operations that only the best agents can access to after having passed … Read more

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