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  • Magnificent Disaster (Magnífico Desastre) – An Original TV Series Project

    A titanic and charismatic man… A titanic adventure to build the Panama Canal. The adventure of the Panama Canal, since its creator’s idea; the political and … Read more

  • Gloria Damasco Saga

    In her dreams hide the key to solving the case. The Gloria Damasco saga is a faithful tribute to the noir novel; it joins the political … Read more

  • The Ones in Saint Patrick’s Batallion (Los del San Patricio)

    The story of the men whose morality made them move to the opponent side. The real story of John Riley and his colleagues, the irishmen who … Read more

  • Desert Blood (Sangre en el desierto)

    There are dead girls who do not make any noise… Ivon Villa is a lesbian professor living in Los Angeles who returns home to El Paso … Read more

  • River of Angels

    A city divided by a river. The population separated by their ethnic origins. One bridge as the rallying point. The Rios are an established local family … Read more

  • B as in Beauty (B de bella)(TV Series)

    Hilarious, weird, moving. All in the same character. Beauty is a Cuban American girl who works in a successful ad agency. She is attractive, charismatic, lovely … Read more

  • Awaken – Original Project

    Wake up, nothing is real. Mysterious disappearances are taking place in the USA once and again: a Boeing 747 crashed, and no bodies are found; a … Read more

  • After the Bay of Pigs

      The untold story of the negotiations that led to the release of the prisoners of war in the Bay of Pigs in 1962  After the unsuccessful … Read more

  • The Brigade (La Brigada) – Original Project

    During the Spanish Civil War – from 1936 to 1939 – there were volunteer soldiers from different countries. Among all these volunteers, there was one brigade formed by … Read more

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