Etiqueta: Utopia

  • American Delirium (América alucinada)

      The destruction of utopia.   In a small Midwestern city, the deer population starts attacking people. So Beryl, a feisty senior and ex-hippie with a … Read more

  • Just (Justo)

    True justice must be cold, implacable, dispassionate. Until now.   True justice must be cold, implacable, dispassionate. Each generation must have thirty six Justs. The Tzadik … Read more

  • Love is No Big Deal (El amor no es nada del otro mundo)

      A second chance he never imagined.     Humanity faces a new pivotal point. The universe will never be the same. There is no longer … Read more

  • Idyll

    Idyll is the most exclusive city in America. Only the chosen ones, who really are someone in society, can buy a home in a place that … Read more

  • Life before March (La vida antes de marzo)

    Two strangers on a train of the future Life Before March narrates the meeting of two strangers in a train with 2,000 carriages that goes from … Read more

  • Four Hearts with Brakes and Reverse (Cuatro corazones con freno y marcha atrás)

      Dying is not inevitable.     Ricardo is a ruined man who, thanks to the voluminous inheritance of his recently deceased uncle, sees the opportunity … Read more

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