Scenic Rights - Showrunners Buyers Club

SHOWRUNNERS BUYERS CLUB is the brand that positions SCENIC RIGHTS as the leading Audiovisual Agency in the representation of literary, dramatic works and television fiction projects in Spain and Latin America for adaptation to Television and Film.

We manage worldwide the exclusive rights for Television and Film, as well as Formats for television series created by the most successful authors in Spain and Latin America. We have the exclusive rights to television or cinematographic adaptations of more than 2,000 works, books and formats that, due to their commercial success and for the excellence of their creators, have great audiovisual potential. We also manage exclusive audiovisual adaptation rights for any territory and language.

Authors from more than a dozen countries that have received the Nobel Prize of Literature, as well as, other world-class recognitions in the fields of Literature, Theater, Film and Television, they are part of this initiative focused on the audiovisual production market. At the same time, SCENIC RIGHTS has agreements with Literary Agencies of great trajectory for the audiovisual adaptation of great literary successes.

SCENIC RIGHTS offers specialized services for the adaptation and audiovisual production of the Works and Formats: Licensing of rights for adaptation, support in the legal and financial architecture of the projects, search for Co-production Partners...