Etiqueta: Colonialism

  • The Vineyard (TV Series)

    Available on Amazon Prime Video  Only great stories inspire great emotions. Nothing made Mauro Larrea think that the fortune he had made in New Mexico after … Read more

  • The Phantom of the British Invasion (El fantasma de las invasiones inglesas)

    The story of the British occupation told by the ghost of a young man of the time.   The ghost of Julián Expósito tells the story … Read more

  • Morpheus

      It’s the year 2078, and the transport ship Morpheus 5 is carrying colonists in a one-way travel to the outer colonies. Due to the duration … Read more

  • Doctor Moraleda’s Murder

    This play is set in the colonial era. In 1890, the Portuguese militarily advance on Angola and Mozambique with the excuse of the death of Dr. … Read more

  • The Fire Dragon

    This is the story of the imaginary oriental kingdom of Nirvan. The action starts when two foreigners arrive to the kingdom from the kingdom of Silandia, … Read more

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