Etiqueta: Colonialism

  • Sahara

  • The Vineyard (TV Series)

    Available on Amazon Prime Video  Only great stories inspire great emotions. Nothing made Mauro Larrea think that the fortune he had made in New Mexico after … Read more

  • The Phantom of the British Invasion (El fantasma de las invasiones inglesas)

    The story of the British occupation told by the ghost of a young man of the time.   The ghost of Julián Expósito tells the story … Read more

  • The Conqueror (El conquistador)

    What would have happened if the Aztecs had reached Europe first?    Quetza, a young Aztec, was raised by a powerful priest adviser to the king. He grows to be a healthy, strong and brilliant young man… … Read more

  • Spanish Texas

    J., a Spanish detective, and a drunk and a complete loser, combination of Pepe Carballo and Torrente, investigates the death in strange circumstances of a woman … Read more

  • Morpheus

      It’s the year 2078, and the transport ship Morpheus 5 is carrying colonists in a one-way travel to the outer colonies. Due to the duration … Read more

  • Doctor Moraleda’s Murder (El asesinato del doctor Moraleda)

    This play is set in the colonial era. In 1890, the Portuguese militarily advance on Angola and Mozambique with the excuse of the death of Dr. … Read more

  • The Fire Dragon (El dragón de fuego)

    This is the story of the imaginary oriental kingdom of Nirvan. The action starts when two foreigners arrive to the kingdom from the kingdom of Silandia, … Read more

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