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  • Invitation to a Murder (Film)

    Good enemies never fail you. Olivia Uriarte, a woman who just divorced her fifth husband, is used to a perfect and glamourous life. However, her life … Read more

  • Im working on it saga (Saga Estoy en ello)

    I’m working on it | I’m still working on it | Players come and go, but sisters stay | I saw it first | Too handsome … Read more

  • Morgan Papers: Confessions of an Unfaithful Employee (Morgan Papers: Confesiones de un empleado infiel)

    The first major case of evasion and money laundering in Argentina is uncovered.   Hernán Arbizu, a senior executive of JP Morgan bank, commits a huge … Read more

  • The Empty Womb (El vientre vacío)

    Maternity: portrait of a generation Many women nowadays want to have children but their economic situation does not allow them to. Plenty of women between 30 … Read more

  • The Bakery of Wonders (El obrador de los prodigios)

    A love letter to the legendary bakery and its city, Barcelona.   Mateu Serra is a boy who decides to leave his hometown, Lérida, to go … Read more

  • Collateral Inheritance (Herencias colaterales)

    The past kills. Ernest Claramunt, a distinguished lawyer, makes an agreement with Mrs. Puigmajor, an old woman almost 80 years old. He will pay her a … Read more

  • The Hive

    The most ironical and faithful testimony of postwar Madrid.   In postwar Madrid, a bustling human hive struggles to eat warm food, avoid the cold, satisfy … Read more

  • The Loan (TV Movie)

    Available on TVE A la carta  Loan me 3000 euros, or I’ll sleep with your wife. In our civilized world, when you need money you go to … Read more

  • The Complicated Loves of the Valverde Sisters

    Julia is the oldest of the sisters, a young woman of twenty-two, straight, prudent and religious. At a party he meets Octavio, a nice boy whose … Read more

  • Saga Allan Haddon: Pope Ario

    2014: Europe has not yet ended its longest economic crisis in history. The European Union sinks, mired in a climate of tremendous political change and growing … Read more

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