Etiqueta: Economic crisis

  • The Loan (TV Movie)

    Available on TVE A la carta  Loan me 3000 euros, or I’ll sleep with your wife. In our civilized world, when you need money you go to … Read more

  • Don’t call home (No llames a casa)

      When blackmail backfires.     Bruno, Raquel and Cristian are an atypical trio. They are three hustlers, consumers of drugs and alcohol, and bar crawlers. … Read more

  • The outside world (El mundo de afuera)

    How to turn a fairy tale into a story of monsters The outside world takes place in Medellin. There, the time comes wrapped in a haze, … Read more

  • Back to Front

    The Goldberg family is going through an economic crisis, their factory and house have been seized. All that Simon Goldberg, the patriarch, has built is now … Read more

  • He’s my man

    Don Antonio is a man in debt, living in misery. He has no other choice but to do any kind of job just to survive along … Read more

  • No offence, Beatrix

    Beatrix and Javier are a couple that does not love each other. In the spring of her youth, Beatrix’ parents make her get married to a broke aristocrat. … Read more

  • The last somersault

    A peculiar little circus is bankrupt and in the process of seizure when a new recruit shows up: Flofli, the clown, coming from France where he … Read more

  • The arrival of the barbarians

    A security guard finds a man sitting on a bench on the street. The guard must prevent anyone from sitting there, but the man who is … Read more

  • Ten Euros for a drink

    The play presents four builders from different generations facing the economic crisis. During their lunch break, the four of them talk about love, desire, friendship, fidelity … Read more

  • In the dark heart of the forest

    Three cats (the old male and female cat, and the blue cat) are together in the barrack they have lived in for a while and are … Read more

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