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  • Jeidi

  • The summer strawberries bloomed (El verano en que florecieron las fresas)

    Aprendiendo a vivir la vida que nunca imaginaron.   Cuando Guim dejó a Clara, poco antes de que cumplieran los dieciocho años, lo hizo con la … Read more

  • The Release (La suelta)

    An Original 6-episode Podcast/Audioseries published by Storytel A bone-chilling tradition. Two children missing in the forest. A dead body.    Claudia, a journalist in her thirties, returns … Read more

  • The Curses (Las maldiciones) (Film/TV Series)

    The dramatic consequences of political power.   Román Sabaté is a young 30-year-old man who arrives in Buenos Aires along with his flatmate, Sebastián Petit. Sebastián aspires to fulfill his dream of being part of the political party PRAGMA, led by Fernando Rovira. However, it is Román who ultimately accepts the vacant position, and even ends up becoming Rovira's private secretary.  There is a big obstacle in Fernando Rovira’s political career: the Alsina curse, which proclaims that no governor from Buenos Aires will ever get to be president, at least not through the popular vote.    To avoid the curse and become President, Fernando Rovira plans a controversial political strategy that will be of great impact in the media. He wants to create a divide in … Read more

  • Rasi the Squirrel and Her Gang Saga (Saga Rasi y la pandilla de la ardilla)

    A collection of 22 children´s books  Rasi, the children´s favorite squirrel.     Rasi the squirrel lives at school. Her gang is made up of Nora, … Read more

  • The Lady in Blue (TV Series / Film)

    An interesting mix between history, church intrigue and folklore Jennifer Narody works for the US Department of Defense, she has been dreaming for days with a … Read more

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