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  • La última muerte en Goodrow Hill

  • Asesinos seriales en México: Los monstruos urbanos

      Aquellos que aterrorizaron a todo un país.     Los 21 casos más icónicos de asesinos seriales en México,  desde 1986 hasta 2021. Arrancando con … Read more

  • Lost Days (Días perdidos)

    The teasing of a macabre clown triggers a series of murders.     The peaceful life of a small town in the north of Spain is … Read more

  • Saga Carmen Puerto

    The Anonymous Lovers | The Language of the Tides      (Los amantes anónimos | El lenguaje de las mareas)       A brilliant and unusual inspector … Read more

  • No Corpses (Sin cadáver)

    The dead that don’t exist.     No confession, no witnesses, no dead bodies, no biological remains, yet a conviction. This is the real case of … Read more

  • Death on a Playing Card (La muerte en un naipe)

    Nine victims, a deck of cards, and a criminal who is just playing for fun.   On January 24th, 2003, Alfredo Galán Sotillo leaves his house … Read more

  • The Hole. The Story of a Killer (El agujero. Historia de un asesino)

    Fake Shaolin monk by day, murderer by night.   He called himself Huan, but his real name was Juan Carlos Aguilar Gómez. He used martial arts … Read more

  • Betty Boo

    Will this peculiar trio manage to uncover the culprit?  Pedro Chazarreta, businessman suspected of having killed his wife, was found with a slit throat in  his favorite … Read more

  • Saga Sin retorno

    Sin retorno | Deudas del frío | Te veré esta noche Un policía: el inspector David Vázquez. Una asesina: Irene Ochoa. Una carrera de fondo para … Read more

  • Valkiria: Game Over

    Welcome to the game that will cost your life. Unai is a university student who lives on campus. He receives a compromising video in which he … Read more

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