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  • Varvara

    A whale’s logbook. This adventure of a whale-lady on her long journey across the Pacific Ocean is inspired by a true story. In 2015 scientists measured … Read more

  • Letters from The Desert (Cartas desde el desierto)

    Twelve troubled teenagers, twenty-two months of military service, and hundreds of secrets that threaten to come to light.       In the not-too-distant future, military … Read more

  • Rey

    Based on the true story of a boy who runs away from home and is adopted by a pack of stray dogs.     Based on … Read more

  • Restart (Reinicio)

    A boot camp for young misfits.       Fifteen troubled youths, aged 16 to 21, are kidnapped and taken to a camp on a remote … Read more

  • Apocalypse Z Saga (Saga Apocalípsis Z) (Film)

    The Beginning of the End | The Dark Days | The Wrath of the Righteous   The Beginning of the End   After a group of … Read more

  • Tricia

    An original 13-episode Podcast-Audioseries published by Storytel   Tricia was found dead and needs help to take revenge.   Tricia Betancor was only 22 years old … Read more

  • Elvira’s Secrets (Los secretos de Elvira)

    The spy who changed the course of D-Day.   Elvira Chaudoir, an upper-class Peruvian who settled in Paris at the outbreak of World War II, is … Read more

  • He’s Watching You (Os vigila)

    The killer waits patiently for his chance.   A year after the accident that killed her husband Guillermo, Olivia returns to the house they were renovating … Read more

  • Twenty (Veinte)

    What if the fate of humanity were in the hands of a group of teenagers?     A plague has ravaged the world's population, wiping out … Read more

  • Saga How to Survive… (Saga Cómo sobrevivir a…)

    How to Survive Ancient Rome | How to Survive Prehistory | How to Survive the Middle Ages    Could you survive in past era?   This is the ultimate guide.    Life in the past could be very complicated. Danger was always afoot. It was imperative to know what places to avoid in the Middle Ages, or how to make a tool in Prehistory to be able to eat lunch. Ancient Rome may seem like a lot of fun too: temples, armies and gladiators, chariot races, hilarious comedies… but it was also plagued by battles, conspiracies, and fires. The cities were very different from today, and dressing inappropriately or  even drinking from the wrong cup could lead to death.   Knowing how to survive these episodes of history is key. Luckily, there is this fun and educational survival manual, which will solve all your doubts and help you live in the Middle Ages, Ancient Rome, Prehistory… without dying in the process!      RELEVANT DATA: Each installment of the saga How to Survive… focuses on a different historical period that, with a lot of humor, allows the reader to have fun while  learning about history.  This children's saga, reminiscent of the successful Érase una vez… or Horrible Histories series, contains all the necessary ingredients to become  a great success and to be adapted into an animated series for a contemporary children's audience.   … Read more

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