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  • Las indignas

  • El año en que nació el demonio

    ¿Cómo se distingue el bien del mal? Con una profunda investigación basada en hechos reales y la suficiente dosis de ficción, Roncagliolo nos adentra en la … Read more

  • Diario de una chiflada

    ¿Cómo sobrevivir a la adolescencia? Ada, una chica de doce años, está de luto: tras tres maravillosos meses de verano, es hora de empezar el instituto. … Read more

  • Caracol Beach (Film)

    Walking towards tragedy, to the beat of Caribbean trova.   Beto Milanés is a Cuban exiled soldier living in Florida, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder … Read more

  • The last night at Tremore Beach (La última noche en Tremore Beach) (TV Series)

     Everything seems perfect… Until the night of the great storm.   Peter Harper is a prestigious soundtracks composer who, after a traumatic divorce, moves to a … Read more

  • Alone At The Top

    The further you go, the closer you’ll be to oblivion.   A man awakens from a restful sleep when, suddenly, he is assaulted by a disturbing … Read more

  • The disgusting ones

    You, alone, against the world. Against the Disgusting Ones.   Manuel is an intelligent, restless, and independent young man. He wants to be a functioning member … Read more

  • Surviving (Sobreviviendo)

    Could you become someone you are not only to obtain something you have always wanted? Val Valdés, can.   Val Valde’s life changes radically the day … Read more

  • Varvara

    A whale’s logbook. This adventure of a whale-lady on her long journey across the Pacific Ocean is inspired by a true story. In 2015 scientists measured … Read more

  • The Psychodrome (El psicódromo)

    He lost everything he had, including his identity, only to find it again on the street.     Eliseo Fainzilber is a retired psychoanalyst who becomes … Read more

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