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  • The nearly girl

    A fun and romantic thriller that explores the singularities of the human spirit.       Henry is poet who is addicted to LSD and lives according … Read more

  • Dyke (Bollo)

    Raw, ironic, direct and full of humor.     Nat is a waitress at Queers, a famous bar in Chueca, Madrid. After several years in an … Read more

  • Cappuccino Commotion

    The road to maturity is not like in the movies.                                                 At the age of thirty-three, the protagonist decides to seize an opportunity offered by … Read more

  • Doctor Julia Dench Saga (Saga Doctora Julia Dench)

    The Creature in the Mirror / The Enigmatic Sphere / Afternoon Nightmares   The monsters that scare you live within you   Dr. Julia Dench is … Read more

  • The Disorder of your Name (El desorden de tu nombre) (Film)

    An impossible love story in the middle of feverish deliria, psychoanalysts and frustrated dreams. Julio Orgaz is a divorced man with the frustrated dream of becoming … Read more

  • A Good Guy (Un buen chico)

    Stop lying to yourself. Polo (Rubén Polo) is a ¨good¨ guy: he comes from a ¨good¨ family, he is attractive and charming. His life is seemingly … Read more

  • Hyde

    Eight teenagers and one deadly experiment. Hugo, Esther, Jacobo, Diana, Alvaro, Cristian, Andrea and Hector, a group of 8 high schoolers who aren´t particularly interested in … Read more

  • The Secret Life of Rebecca Paradise (La vida secreta de Rebecca Paradise)

                                                        … Read more

  • When you Broke my Heart (Lo que sucedió cuando me rompiste el corazón)

    A broken heart can still beat stronger than ever. Those romantic comedies when clumsy girl meets love of her life, they fall in love, and live … Read more

  • Oedipus the Bullfighter (Edipo Torero)

    In 2030, Spain is in a political atmosphere in which the animal rights activism has been incorporated into the penal code. As a consequence, Jacinto, also … Read more

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