José Luis Alonso De Santos

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José Luis Alonso de Santos (Valladolid, 1942) is a Spanish playwright, stage director and scriptwriter. His plays have been published in Spain and abroad. He’s been Director of the Royal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid (Chair of Dramatic Writing) and Director of the National Classical Theatre Company. He’s author of more than fifty plays, all a popular and critical success. He’s made new versions of the classics, written screenplays, TV series, children’s fiction and novels. In 2014 he was designated as the first president of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Spain.



José Luis Alonso de Santos is one of the most outstanding playwrights in the Spanish contemporary theatre. The academic chair Andrés Amorós expressed it like this: <<The unanimity of Spanish theatre critics think of Alonso de Santos as the first and most important of the authors emerged after Franco regime>>. He is the most original and important alive author that has determined recent Spanish theatre history.

Alonso de Santos has received an extraordinary number of decorations. So far, among the awards and homages taking place each year, they stand out: the Sitges Film Festival Award, the Tirso de Molina Award, the National Theatre Prize and the MAX Theatre Award.