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  • The Vineyard (TV Series)

    Available on Amazon Prime Video  Only great stories inspire great emotions. Nothing made Mauro Larrea think that the fortune he had made in New Mexico after … Read more

  • Chanel Kisses (Besos de Chanel)

    ¿Does money bring happiness? Valeria Cifuentes has it all. Immense wealth, a stable marriage, and a wonderful child. But her life takes a turn when she's … Read more

  • Amor y gin tonic

    Amor, trabajo y mucha Ginebra.   Abi es feliz: es parte del equipo de Eve Care -empresa francesa de cosméticos de lujo-, desde hace 10 años … Read more

  • Bilogía Atormentados

    Belleza atormentada | Atormentado deseo Enamorarse no era parte del plan. La Bilogía Atormentados cuenta la historia de los hermanos Andrea y Cristóbal de la Garza, … Read more

  • Seduce Me, Slowly (Sedúceme despacio)

    A torrid romance that tastes like wine. Miranda Pemberton is an intelligent businesswoman. Since her father was murdered in cold blood on their doorstep, she has … Read more

  • A Case Too Familiar (Un asunto demasiado familiar) (TV Series / Film)

      You don’t investigate family   The Hernandez family runs a detective agency in Sant Andreu, a neighborhood in Barcelona that operates as if it were … Read more

  • Bloggerfucker

    Better dead than basic. Helena Cortez is a living legend in the world of fashion. She has been editor-in-chief of Couture, the most influential magazine of … Read more

  • Death will have your eyes (La muerte tendrá tus ojos)

    An innocent job assignment that will put her life at risk.     Lía Llamas is a forty-year-old lawyer who works as a legal advisor for … Read more

  • Moles (Topos)

    No one could possibly imagine what’s going on down there.   A forgotten bunker from the Spanish Civil War. After all this time, no one has … Read more

  • Surviving (Sobreviviendo)

    Could you become someone you are not only to obtain something you have always wanted? Val Valdés, can.   Val Valde’s life changes radically the day … Read more

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