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  • The Inspector Touré Saga (TV Series)

    19 Cameras | 612 Euros | The Shadows of Nowhere Sewer Games | Moleskin | Don’t Say Anything     Touré is an incredibly charismatic illegal … Read more

  • Thursday Night Widows (TV Series)

    Paradise is about to explode. Altos de la Cascada is a high class residential area in the province of Buenos Aires, where rich families live and … Read more

  • La hija del fotógrafo

  • Chanel Kisses (Besos de Chanel)

    ¿Does money bring happiness? Valeria Cifuentes has it all. Immense wealth, a stable marriage, and a wonderful child. But her life takes a turn when she's … Read more

  • The Queen’s Jeweler (El joyero de la reina)

    Jewelry helps you forget the dark side of life. In the year 2014, Queen Letizia received from Queen Sofía the most beautiful legacy of the Spanish … Read more

  • Hell in Paradise (Infierno en el paraíso)

    She smiled with the only thing she could smile with: her eyes.         Sonia Torres, a waitress in a bistro in Madrid, replaces … Read more

  • I Loved You and You Screwed Me Over (Te amaba y me chingaste) (TV Series / Film)

    A 19th century soap opera in the 21st century.     Between tacos with lots of salsa, alcohol, and songs by José José and Juan Gabriel, … Read more

  • Little Indiscretions (Film)

    There are secrets that are way too difficult to bury.       The bakery of the most important pastry chef of the 'rich and famous' … Read more

  • The Olympus Saga II: The Sun and the Lie (Saga Olympus II: El sol y la mentira)

    Play with fire, you might get burned.  Mars, 2634. Six years have passed since "the rebels", Ilion, Ianthe, Minna and Armand, decided to escape from Mars and from the clutches of Olympus.  At this time, Armand is the only one willing to return to the society, but on account of one single mission: to be as useful as possible to the rebels, spying and collecting crucial  information to overthrow the current corrupt government. And he has decided that the best way to do so is to be as close to power as possible.   In order to carry out this operation, Armand becomes a fashion designer in the Aphrodite faction. This way, he is able to be closer to Zeus' headquarters. Here, Armand is sure that he will be able to obtain the necessary information to take down Olympus, and he is willing to manipulate and deceive anyone in his way in order to do so.   … Read more

  • The Spider´S Game (El juego de la araña)

    Do you dare play until the very end?   Leo Domínguez is a teenager who lives alone with his mother. He has been taking care of … Read more

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