Etiqueta: Exile

  • Bilogía Nos veíamos mejor en la oscuridad y La traductora de haikus

    Una madre y una hija separadas por el exilio. Cuatro décadas atrás, los padres de Milena decidieron abandonar su país natal, con sus dos hijos pequeños, … Read more

  • Melodrama

      En el amor y la pobreza, todo se vale. Vidal, un apuesto joven, se traslada de su Colombia natal a París con un maquiavélico plan: … Read more

  • The Lovers Under the Danube (Los amantes bajo el Banubio)

      Is there any motive more powerful than love or hate?       Budapest, 1944. The war and the Nazi occupation has brought absolute and utter chaos … Read more

  • Aramburu

    The crime that divided a country. The origin of Montoneros 29th May 1970, Buenos Aires, plain daylight. A group of men in their twenties dressed in … Read more

  • The dressmaker’s son

    The story of the one and only “couturier”: Balenciaga. . Balenciaga grew up in the Basque Country, at the beginning of 20th century. He was very … Read more

  • The Children of Morelia (TV Series Original Project)

      During the Spanish Civil War, the government of the Republic accepted the offer of the Mexican authorities to take in a big number of children … Read more

  • The Second Revolution Saga III: Free, Equal, Just (Libres, iguales justos)

      Will the Second Revolution end the regime of terror of the Dominance Family once and for all?   Now that everybody knows that Zaaren is … Read more

  • Rey Negro (Black King)

    The indigent king. Rey negro (Black King) is based on a true story that took place in 1995: the exile of King Kigali V of Rwanda … Read more

  • Los del San Patricio – The Ones in Saint Patrick’s Batallion

    The story of the men whose morality made them move to the opponent side. The real story of John Riley and his colleagues, the irishmen who … Read more

  • Mala Hoja

    An introspective look of 19th century Cuba.       In February 1874, two Spanish businessmen, a tobacco grower and a sugar farmer, meet at a … Read more

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