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  • Shooting Up The Sky (El cielo a tiros)

    The children of drug cartels were the real victims. After twelve years without setting foot on his country, Larry goes back to Colombia, for they have … Read more

  • The Ones in Saint Patrick’s Batallion (Los del San Patricio)

    The story of the men whose morality made them move to the opponent side. The real story of John Riley and his colleagues, the irishmen who … Read more

  • Bad Leaf (Mala Hoja)

    An introspective look of 19th century Cuba.       In February 1874, two Spanish businessmen, a tobacco grower and a sugar farmer, meet at a … Read more

  • Thief of Roses ( Ladrona de Rosas)

    Clarice Lispector: a hidden identity, an unbearable genius. Clarice Lispector has always been perceived as a shy and introverted woman. Her beauty was indisputable: she was … Read more

  • Final Exorcism (Exorcismo final)

    Final Exorcism is the first volume of erotic stories by Yovana Martinez. The life of a woman is narrated from her adolescence to her middle age … Read more

  • Mom (Mamá)

    A woman from the poor Spanish countryside sends her 15-year-old daughter to Argentina during the Peronist years. She wants to save her from her misery and promises … Read more

  • Queen Juana (Reina Juana)

    The plot starts with the confession of Juana I of Castilla with the father Francisco de Borja the night before she dies. From there, the monarch … Read more

  • Back to Front (De atrás para adelante)

    The Goldberg family is going through an economic crisis, their factory and house have been seized. All that Simon Goldberg, the patriarch, has built is now … Read more

  • School Boys (Los chicos de la escuela)

    In a small town, the school teacher confronts the town’s cacique, Juan Antonio. This last one obliges the teacher to leave the location, which causes a … Read more

  • Father Cigarette (El padre pitillo)

    Don Froilán is a priest in a small village, in which he is known as “Father Cigarette”, as he always has a lit cigarette in his … Read more

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